Every Mormon is a Homosexual

Truthfully, I was going to say “Every Mormon is a Faggot” but then I thought that might be, well, offensive so I tidied up the title but seriously…. I’m pretty sure most Mormon’s are faggots. Here is why, they simply care too much. Why, why, why do you care about people you think you’ve never come in contact with, make up a viable segment of humanity, work among you, play among you, and oh wait, can I say faggot here without anyone getting pissed off?? To my point with no links and no pictures I know tons of Mormons *cough* I grew up one in California *cough* and to see the justification through groups on Facebook like “Get the Facts about the LDS Church and Proposition 8” and “Mormons Are Christians” and blogs make my testicles recoil (insert homo-erotic music….NOW!). I hear through the mainstream media members of the church decrying the fact that they’re just being singled out for Prop 8 and that everyone has the right to vote their conscience. Yeah, that’s Bullshit… Here is what I do know, and its a fact because I’ve received multiple sources within California ward houses confirming it:

1) Mormon’s are douchebags.

2) They make their out of state members (particularly in California) donate to the passing of measures like Prop 8 that take away the right of others to marry those they love even though the Church is fucking rich, rich as sin, like tons of gold Boullon rich, hidden in a massive safe.

3) Mormon’s are douchebags.

4) Bishop’s (congregational leaders) come to members houses and tell them to actively campaign for hate measures like Prop 8.

5) Mormon’s are douchebags.

6) Mormon’s aren’t Christian because they’d be doing unto others as they want others to do to them, checkered history in all. Insert Golden rule here, insert the Gospel of Love there, I’m pretty sure Mormon’s get confused as to what Jesus Christ was about. Yeah, you’re not Christian.

7) The End.


21 Responses to Every Mormon is a Homosexual

  1. Broshat says:

    The mormons lost a boatload of respect in the eyes of many over this one. The language on the ballot actually asked if you want to “take away rights.” Regardless of what you think about gays or gay marriage, it takes a bad fucking person to pull the trigger and go the extra step of backing a law which treats other human beings unequally. I honestly think the mormons shot themselves in the foot by backing this law with such fervor. They’re already under media scrutiny for polygamy and child abuse, and now this. I come from the gay mecca of the world – San Francisco. And let me tell you, the backlash there seems to get worse with each passing day. Jack, kudos for calling a spade a spade. The fact that people are so obsessed with other people’s private lives is despicable. There is something truly perverted over people’s fascination with homosexual relationships, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the gays…

  2. Bobby Peru says:

    I gave you Jack Mormon

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chad Hardy was mistreated by BYU for not being given his hard earned degree! The same thing happened to former MIss Wyoming USA JOYCE MCKINNEY, a beautiful young lady who was teaching at BYU while completing her Ph.D. When she wanted to wrote a dissertation project on Jesus instead of the phony Mormon prophets, the BYU faculty punished her the same way they did Chad! And even worse: When she left the Mormon CULT for its human rights abuses (electro genital shock therapy by Mormon leaders to “cure” homosexuality) , mistreatment of gays and other minority groups such as blacks and women, and when she allowed her students to voice their own discontent along with speaking out with her own feelings as a dissident, the MORMON CULT DESTROYED HER LIFE. Have you HEARD what they DID to her? She was engaged to marry a guy from a Mormon family,and only a short time before their wedding, he vanished. She found out the Mormons had shaved his head and sent him on a street recruitment mission to England. She went over there to see him and he left with her to go sightseeing in London and they gave each other their virginity in a romantic cottage in the English countryside. He planned to leave his mission to marry her, and they went into London and were eating at the Hard Rock Cafe when her fiance Kirk bought a British newspaper with the first of what would be thousand of MORMON SOURCED headlines in a BLACK PR campaign leveled against her (to silence an outspoken dissident) and (2) to cover up the taboo love affair their “missionary” had had (i.e. damage control by Mormon spin doctors to save their multi-million dollar image which was now at stake). When Kirk went back into mission headquarters he found they had locked his passport in a safe as well as his money to prevent him from leaving, and in a frantic phone call with her (which the Mormons TAPPED AND TAPED), said the Mormons had brought in PR TEAMS from Utah to handle the “problem”. These creeps were out there telling hundreds of reporters (and wire services)0 that she had “KIDNAPPED and RAPED” him! It as a black LIE! (Joyce was 108 pounds and Kirk weighed in at close 300 pounds and stood 6’5″ tall!) Using their Press Power, the Mormons propagated various version of The Lie through the years: one that she kidnapped him, one that she raped him, another that she cloroformed him and raped him while he was asleep, another that she held a gun to him and MADE him do it (ha ha) and the 1984 version w changed the “weapon” to a knife. THis poor woman had her good name and reputation literally destroyed and suffered severe depression from what the cult did to her, and her REAL story has never been told. The CULT PR men and their contact in the Utah press (i.e. church owned DESERET NEWS and AP wire services) and wire service connections CONTINUED in 2008 to spread this vicious twisted story, in a 32 YEAR cover up. WHY? Because they know if the truth comes out, [THE FACT THAT SHE WAS NEVER EVEN CHARGED WITH RAPE AND THAT THE WHOLE THING WAS A PRESS HOAX BY THEM], it is curtains for them. In fact on the internet, they list Joyce as one of their top three enemies. Anybody out there want to help spread THE TRUTH about Joyce’s story to help clear her name? She would really appreciate it, and when you think about it, why is her sex life or a gay person’s sex life or ANYBODY’S sex life, any business of the hypocritical Mormons?

  4. Though I don’t agree with anything that you said in this post, from what little I do know about the slang definition of the word douchebag, and from what I gather you are actually trying to say I think you meant that “Mormon’s are Douches.” Douchebag does sound more offensive so I get it if you wanted to purposely miss use it.

    I could be wrong.

  5. know better says:

    You all need to do more research good luck. gay is wrong

  6. Listener says:

    Why do you have a whole website totally devoted to attacking a church? I know a Mormon and he always tells me, (paraphrasing) “Once you’re on one side of the spectrum when it comes to our church, you are almost guaranteed to have feelings of extremism in some way.” I see a lot of the extremism on his group’s side, but for some reason, refusing to see things like PG movies doesn’t seem as bad as this…just some food for thought.

  7. roxthefoxthebabygoldilox says:

    I know lots of pedophiles who want the right to
    practice what they feel privately too. I think someone
    needs to draw the line in order to protect children.
    I understand the Mormons. They have a need
    to protect families and want to create an environment
    that is safe and successful for children to thrive in so they don’t become bitter, angry people such as yourself.

  8. roxthefoxthebabygoldilox says:

    I don’t even know why I read your blog anyway. It sucks.

  9. Neal says:

    Gay people leading their private lives and having their private, committed relationships are not a “threat” to families any more than interracial marriages are a threat. What they are is a threat to bigotry. Mormonism is a made-up, bullshit fake religion that for the first hundred years advocated plural marriage. Talk about a threat to children! Forcing 13 year old girls into marriages with old men. Jesus Christ! What was that? And the church’s founders were both active participants. They have no room to talk about anyone’s relationships.

    • Yousiraremisinformed says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa! I think you’re getting us confused with the flds. Polygamy was instituted by the Lord as a means of reproducing. That’s why we stopped when it became unnecessary. Plus, think about the seriously lopsided proportion of males to females in early Mormon society. The 13 year old girl thing was not true, and even if it was, think about the countless civilizations in history where this was a sad reality. And, just to add to that, I wouldn’t go bashing on your religion. That is if you even have one, which, judging from your lack of morals, you don’t.

  10. jlmcbride says:

    I agree with you that Mormons are douchebags, but I want to say that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. I am an active Mormon and am bisexual. There are definitely Mormons that act gay that are against homosexuality, but they will never notice this themselves. I guess I want to say that I agree with you on some points, but not on others.

    • Yousiraremisinformed says:

      Active Mormon. Bisexual. Oxymoron. Have you ever even glanced at ‘The Family: A Proclamation to the world’ ?

  11. baccusss says:

    That was funny. From a psych perspective you obviously didn’t get along being a mormon. And due to the obvious homophobia….odds are you are gay.
    Funny as hell though.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Christian means you believe in Jesus Christ. Which is what Mormons do.

  13. CAIT says:

    wow. well let me first say that you are uneducated. I think its amusing you have a whole blog about the church. I think when you sit in front of God during the judgement day and he still loves you unconditionally and forgives you, you will wish that you had made different choices in your life. The church is forgiving, and there are a lot of good people in the church but just like with any religion, there is corruption. I can tell you for a fact that a lot of those stories mentioned above are not accurate. The church accepts people of all backgrounds. We are not against blacks or women. I do not feel like I am treated unfairly just because i dont have the priesthood. A couple things: 1. look up the definition for douchebags, another word would be more fitting. 2. whats wrong with a church that puts an emphasis on familes, no drinking or even sex before marriage. Its making people better. 3. Polygamy was pract. for the well being of the women because if you knew history facts, women couldnt own land back then and therefore couldnt support their families. These women and there children would have died. After losing their husbands, they needed someone to provide for them. As soon as the people were commanded to no longer prac. it and because it was no longer necessary, it was stopped. Its not like we still do it and for you to say young girls were forced into it is inaccurate, it was women who needed protection. The type of polygamy you are talking about is the FLDS church and they are not affiliated with the LDS church. So your facts on polygamy are wrong. Also, I actually know gay people who dont act upon it but are mormon. Sometimes people have those feelings but just because they do doesnt mean we kick them out, its acting upon it which if you did your research on the church, our biggest thing is celestial families, which you cant have with two men or two women, its a man and a woman. Thats how the world was created and how things are supposed to be. Although we dont completely understand, people were given certain trials on this earth and we will learn about most of these things in heaven. Treat others as you want to be treated and i think homosexuals still need to be treated nice, because we will be held accountable for how we treat others. I’m really sorry you feel this way about the church and I’m sure you will just shrug this off or come up with a really mean comeback but I’m sure if someone or something made you bitter towards the church. The only thing I can say is you can always repent and pray to God because no matter what you say or do, God will always love you!

  14. Bleeding Heart Liberal and Devout Atheist says:

    I just found your blog and I love you!! I’ve read a lot about the Mormon church and everything about it just bothers me to no end. I’m usually a live and let live kind of person, but the thought of Mitt Romney becoming President is chilling.

    By the way, I don’t care if any Mormon is gay, just don’t knock on my door on Sundays.

    • Anonymous says:

      Missionaries don’t go door to door on Sunday…. it’s a day of rest

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s funny how you’re an atheist and still cares about Mormonism. By the way, if you think being atheist is the way to go, I’ll just say, yea, it’s the way to go…to hell.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You are obviously abused. I pity you. You think your posts could persuade people to hate Mormons? Well, maybe to thise brainless people who believe everything before thry did their own research. Your post sucks! Do you even know how to write? Such a waste of time. Obviously you’re a fag cause you can’t even get your facts straight. Why are you so bitter about this one church anyways? What about Muslims who would chop off your useless genital if they know you’re a fag? You’re so freaking dumb.

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