Every Mormon is a Homosexual

November 20, 2008

Truthfully, I was going to say “Every Mormon is a Faggot” but then I thought that might be, well, offensive so I tidied up the title but seriously…. I’m pretty sure most Mormon’s are faggots. Here is why, they simply care too much. Why, why, why do you care about people you think you’ve never come in contact with, make up a viable segment of humanity, work among you, play among you, and oh wait, can I say faggot here without anyone getting pissed off?? To my point with no links and no pictures I know tons of Mormons *cough* I grew up one in California *cough* and to see the justification through groups on Facebook like “Get the Facts about the LDS Church and Proposition 8” and “Mormons Are Christians” and blogs make my testicles recoil (insert homo-erotic music….NOW!). I hear through the mainstream media members of the church decrying the fact that they’re just being singled out for Prop 8 and that everyone has the right to vote their conscience. Yeah, that’s Bullshit… Here is what I do know, and its a fact because I’ve received multiple sources within California ward houses confirming it:

1) Mormon’s are douchebags.

2) They make their out of state members (particularly in California) donate to the passing of measures like Prop 8 that take away the right of others to marry those they love even though the Church is fucking rich, rich as sin, like tons of gold Boullon rich, hidden in a massive safe.

3) Mormon’s are douchebags.

4) Bishop’s (congregational leaders) come to members houses and tell them to actively campaign for hate measures like Prop 8.

5) Mormon’s are douchebags.

6) Mormon’s aren’t Christian because they’d be doing unto others as they want others to do to them, checkered history in all. Insert Golden rule here, insert the Gospel of Love there, I’m pretty sure Mormon’s get confused as to what Jesus Christ was about. Yeah, you’re not Christian.

7) The End.