I’m Mr Brightside!

You knew this business was coming… in my previous post about famous Mormons I forgot to mention Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers, he is a devout Mormon. Flowers has described his personal faith as a “very important” part of his life. He has also joked that “I don’t think the make-up would go down so well at church.” Flowers has stated that he does not oppose gay rights, saying “I think everybody should have equal rights.” This link provides more depth of faith, wow, Mr Brightside is a serious Mormon.

Maybe his soft stance on Gay Rights is just pandering to his fan base but we are talking Mormonism here. To take his sexual ambiguity further check out this Mr Brightside video, its down right naughty for a Jack Mormon but its certain to shock the socks off a devout one (gawd Flowers, you are soooo hot!).

I bet Mr Brightside makes the Church hella-nervous with his stance on Gay Rights considering the church recently sent out this letter to its local leadership.

Here’s to Mr Brightside! Sounds like he just wants people to get along and for that matter, here’s to gay people! Oh wait, so sorry about that, yeah, gay people, ummmm, you are still shit out of luck. Most people still think you are Icky.


12 Responses to I’m Mr Brightside!

  1. Broshat says:

    Dude, you truly are funny. I’m no mormon, but I grew up around many of them. All the mormon kids I knew were really nice guys. Wouldn’t drink and smoke refer with us in high school, but they would vandalize shit like crazy… and they were good at it too! Nobody could give a lawnjob like the mormon kids! Nor would they have premarital sex, but they definitely did other things which most would consider far more perverted. Needless to say, I truly don’t get mormonism (maybe because I was never invited to their church functions since they knew I was catholic). My buddy just moved to Utah for work. He emailed me the other day and told me about the “bar scene.” BWAHAHAHAHAH Thank you for your insights.

    • Hayley says:

      I am a Mormon. I have been raised Mormon. And yes there are Mormons who aren’t as devout, but most mormon kids i know and the Mormon adults i know are good, high standard, people. few ever would do anything perverted and it wasnt a majority of people vandalizing. i dont know of any but im sure there are out there. Brandon flowers talks about never being kissed in highschool(first kiss at 19) and losing his virginity very very late. yes he drank but has overcome drinking to excess and he has stated to never done illegal drugs. he talks about how the mormon church has kept his faith in god and his parents examples has raised him to start a beautifully wonderful family and live a happy, god based life. he isnt perfect, no one is, im sure he has regrets in his life, everyone makes mistakes or does stuff. but just out of curiosity, what such extreme perverted things did your mormon friends do? not being weird i just cant believe that, growing up non of my friends, nor i, did anything.

  2. jackmormon says:

    When I say there is nothing like “growing up Mormon”, there really isn’t. I remember having really strict Mormon kids i grew up with, they were deviant in all sorts of strange ways.

    Utah’s Bar Scene eh? What did he say? Thanks for the comments…


  3. Broshat says:

    He says there are only 4 cool bars in SLC which are, in essence, “Safehouses” for heathens and Jacks like yourself. Given the commonality amongst all those boozing it up inside, you know everyone on a first-name basis by your second beer. As he described these watering holes, they are the “underground railroad for the vice-oriented.” If found this funny, since both of us come from an American city with more bars than children and more crack dealers than registered voters (no, this is not the same town where I grew up with mormon kids). I reiterate that the mormon kids I grew up with and their families were totally cool, not the polygamist cult weirdos who are all over TV these days. Yes, they did have big families. Yes, they drove giant SUVs before the rest of the country caught on. Yes, they went to these mysterious church meetings every Friday night where they put on skits and played music about mormon stuff (they would never actually describe in detail what went on there to us outsiders).

    Keep up the good work. One of the better blogs to read at work while I’m on the clock.

  4. jackmormon says:

    Yep I actually live Downtown and by the 2nd visit to my bar I didn’t even have to tell them what my order was. Downtown SLC is pretty cool that way.

    Roadshows, its a future blog topic. I remember having to be in a couple and after about 10 rehearsals I was like “Why am I doing this shit?”

    My best friend had the first Aerostar minivan in the ward, he was none to happy about that. I gave him tons of shit for it…

    I’m planning on 2 per week on the post department, should have another by tomorrow.

    Thanks for reading, later,


  5. Bobby Peru says:

    How hard is it to remember “Apple Martini”?

  6. jackmormon says:

    Bobby Peru is still pissed about the Aerostar 18 years later. Doesn’t that Apple Martini have vodka in it? That’s usually good enough for me.

  7. […] a Mormon lifestyle he simply didn’t care. The funniest thing about the story is the fact that Brandon Flowers is from the same congregation and he wears make up. Personally I think a church should be able to […]

  8. Cara says:

    Mormons actually aren’t mean to gays, it’s a misunderstanding. I’m a lesbian and have friends who are mormons and are very kind to me. They don’t believe in sex before marriage, in drinking… but they don’t hate those who don’t respect all that. In fact they’re the most compassionate people I’ve met, seriously!

  9. Samantha says:

    Brandon is the good example of what mormons are, they are human and sweet. They are friendly to everyone, even to gays. The strong mormons don’t tolerate the sin, but they actually like the sinner. They are kind to everyone. Most of my friends are mormons. I can’t escape it, they are all around me. I live in Utah!

  10. Ines says:

    There’s a young man who come to our church and wears eyeliner and pink shoes. Everybody is very friendly to him. The true Saints aren’t judgmental, but rather gentle I find.

  11. Sexychick3.0 says:

    Oh my gawd he turns me on I get wet when I look at him I want to have baby’s with that amazing sexy man

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