Mormons always get ripped off by some crooked Douchebag!

For a variety of reasons Mormons tend to be very trusting of authority figures. There are a couple hundred thousand Mormons who get regularly ripped off by a Ponzi, Multi-Level Marketing, or Real Estate scheme and it really makes me want to shake the bitches off their foundations. Its not hard to sniff out a scheme, if someone says you’ll double your money they’re lying and if they’re presenting to you in your living room like Uncle Rico in Napolean Dynamite, please make them leave. Use your intuition, pray to god even, just ummm, don’t get fucked over like these people.

Check out this total Douchebag:

Val Southwick was sentenced Thursday to one year to 15 years in prison for each of the nine counts of securities fraud. The punishments are to be served consecutively.

He’s be at it forever:

The scheme is described as one of the largest Ponzi operations in Utah history, lasting more than 17 years and involving more than 800 people.

He had massages (also known as “hand jobs”) and paid his church tithing with ill-gotten-gains:

Southwick used money to pay for a mortgage, massages, vacations, medical and legal expenses, a large collection of cars and church tithing. He stopped paying investors in 2006 and claims to have been working to recoup their losses ever since.

The mayor of Odgen is a Douchebag:

Among them was Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey, who urged the judge to keep Southwick out of prison. Godfrey said Southwick wasn’t an “evil man” and his incarceration could bump violent criminals from beds in Utah’s overcrowded prison.
Allow him to serve his time working to pay back investors,” Godfrey said, drawing jeers from the packed courtroom.

To recap, he’s 63, been doing it for almost 20 years, he pays his tithing and buys Mormon goods with the monies he stole from other Mormons but please go “soft” on him cause he’s a good guy and after all, he’s selling his Book of Mormon bookends to make “good”. This happens all the time to trusting Mormons. Its a damn shame.


8 Responses to Mormons always get ripped off by some crooked Douchebag!

  1. OSweet says:

    Lol. Good subject. Too g’damn true.

    The Mormons-as-hucksters-and-dupes phenomenon stems from the fact that Mormon missionaries are taught to be unscrupulous salesmen. Taught to relentlessly conceal the downsides of what they explain and stress the upsides.

    They get good at it and realize that they can use it to manipulate people for personal gain. And once home, and once they get a taste of money, all qualms are quelled.

    I remember I had a landlord once who dropped a crazy scheme on me and, not knowing that I was born Mormon, told me that HE was a Mormon, so I could absolutely trust him. I told him that that was the worst thing he could have said, since I was Mormon and I knew how dishonest Mormons could be, particularly in business matters. Explained how the Mormon mafia in Utah and Idaho had bilked some of my relatives out of boatloads of money, etc.

    He was like, “Oh.”

  2. jackmormon says:

    I think that is really most of it and knowing that Mormon’s are trusting by nature, especially of people in authority. It happened to my Dad when he went into business with a Bishop just out of college. It was a great lesson for him as he recovered to be wildly successful in his professional career as well as shaping his leadership within the LDS church. My Dad went far in the leadership of the church and was always wildly suspicious of Members doing business with Members, he typically told members to stay away from that practice. I do think there are about a dozen side topics here, I think I’ll continue thinking this one through. That “Oh” comment is priceless.


  3. Loki says:

    I had several instances when I lived in Utah when my home teachers or EQ president would call to schedule a vist, and then try to sell me Amway or Usana or something. I had to start clarifying with them what the appointment was for and felt perfectly comfortable asking them to leave if they were not there for church business.

  4. jackmormon says:

    LOL! That’s the only way to do it. I have a family member who is active and provides a private service as his chief means of employment. He could abuse the Ward directory but to his credit, he treats members like regular customers. Doesn’t advertise to the demographic and will only do business with members who seek him out. It saves him a lot of hassle plus gives everyone the idea that he is above board. That’s like his only redeeming quality cause he’s a douche in so many other areas.

  5. How are the pastors now being paid?

    From love offerings or the tithe?

    People who accept any portion of the tithe are not allowed to own any tangible property, such as a home, real estate.. according to the Bible too

  6. angeleyes says:

    Back to the Mayor- take a look at the fake mayors blog site – I honestly thought it was true – point being that all things said are an exposure of truth to an extent – through the grapevine from reliable sources – I am told that the Mayor went on his Mission to Mexico City- where he became chummy with the then President Vincente Fox – whereby MG floated thousands of illegial aliens into Ogden UT so that the police department( john Greiner) would stay busy and that the OPD would not be downsized. Afterall MG’s first year in office was like a riot with the folks and many of who were OPD… the tune has changed. I am NOT predjudice, my fmaily is half hispanic and I love them – however Ogden has become a total dump with such an influx of sub-culture standard people. There is no job market in Ogden and hasnt been for 20plus years – The Mega plex offers bowling alley and movie theatre jobs – MG is THE REASON Ogden has suffered substantially – after all these years, growing up in Ogden, leaving and coming back – IT IS STILL THE SAME OL shit hole! – MG HAD TO become part (and was manipulated by) of the good ole boys club which include city planners- managers, crooked attorneys and judges that hold each other by the balls – probably because they all snorted cocaine and smoked pot together back in the 80’s- Ogden is one of the most crooked, vile, disgustingly held back places you could ever live – No out-of-towner would know this until after they have lived there a couple of years.

  7. Latter Rain (Christian Church) Movement – The real latter day saints..

  8. Anonymous says:

    If somone up front tells you they’re Mormon to some how legitmize their businss offering….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

    Affinity fraud does not hold a monopoly with Mormons but the trusting and nieve acspects of culture certainly make it a great place for affinity fraud and fraud with strangers, too. Many cons are tested in Utah, before taken to other states. If the con doesn’t work in Utah, it won’t work where people have more “street smarts”.

    Mormon Mafia? Ha, ha. That’s a good one. When you get real proof such a criminal organization exists. I’ve been around the world and seen many different members of organized crimes. Lived a good amount of time in Utah and never saw this seey underbell of the Beehive State.

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