I Can’t! I’m Mormon!

But we all know you would if you could…. well, I was taught in Sunbeams that if you thought it, you did it. I think this fully clothed seductress (shown below):

should think bad thoughts and proceed to have sex with me.

You think I’m making this stuff up but let me present this little article on said topic which stirred up some controversy at The Lord’s University. According to the Deseret Morning News, the paper halted the ad campaign after complaints from students, professors and administrators who felt the slogan implied a desire to engage in “objectionable” behavior.

Many thought wearers of the clothing wished they could drink, smoke or have casual sex – but were prevented solely because of their membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


I’m sure if you did Jesus (the one Joseph Smith met) will ultimately forgive you anyway, ain’t that right Jesus (the one Joseph Smith met)?


6 Responses to I Can’t! I’m Mormon!

  1. Bobby Peru says:

    Every time I took a Mormon chick out on a date I ended up w/ blue balls.

  2. jackmormon says:

    You went out with the wrong Mormon.

  3. Another Jack says:

    I Love Mormon Women. They all do three things well. S—, F—, and Cook!

  4. Another Jack says:

    The linked newspaper article said:
    “Some reportedly believed the woman modeling the T-shirt in the ad posed in an overly provocative manner. ”

    Why, because she had a nice smile or because she had an obviously nice rack? All I know is I now have an obviously nice screen saver.

  5. jackmormon says:

    Yeah, its absurd… she’s down right moral. The reason they got into a twist was cause the Priesthood took a look at her and their first instinct was how great it would be to bang the shit out of her essentially making it her fault.

    She’s yummy.

  6. The other-OTHER Jack says:

    When I look at this tee-shirted woman, I see her sipping a glass of Bordeaux, leaving lipstick stains on a Virginia Slim. Or maybe she’s just wearing the shirt to bed at night? Her hair is quite messy and she could just as easily leave lipstick on a coffee mug as a cigarette.

    It’s not a big leap from there to envision her holding a roach clip, while the Celtic-looking Nephi and the German-looking Jesus on the wall of her dorm room at BYUI (formerly known as Rick’s College) shake their wise heads at each other.

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